Friday, May 29, 2009

2009: May 29th


I thought I needed a place where I'm actually doing writing rather than just art. If you're looking for art please check out one of my other 2 blogs. Sailormoonforward (I update a couple of times a week, Ugly-a-day (Haven't updated in awhile) I also have an LJ and a dA a frequent rather often.

A little bit about me, Kuroitenshi aka Boonanaking, aka Sailortitan, Muerte. All original characters the last two are from established universes. 27, artist, lover of Sailormoon, WeiƟ Kreuz, Gankutsuou and a few other series that I won't let die. I go around to different conventions, mostly on the East coast of the US to sell my art though if you contact me I do sell and take commissions (when they are open) all year round.

I cosplay, usually Seiya Kou though I have cosplayed in the past - Integra, Tsukushi, Yui, Gabriel (Constantine), Queen Titan and Sailortitan. Though I have many many more I'd like to, money and lack of sewing skill always comes into play.

Now for something random...since I am a big fan of random and well lots of my friends are as well. Today's subject...crystal shapes. Last night I started looking for 2 particular types of shapes in glass "crystal". The one we've all seen lately as the "glass diamond paperweight" I prefer chaos emerald instead, but that's me. They start at 1 and 1/2" which is pretty small in comparison so the 5" onces...but in the grand scheme of things 1/4" too big for what I need it for. I looked for a good hour with still no luck at finding something just a hair smaller. Continuing on there is another shape, it's quite popular among SMverse fans because minus the bottom it looks like the manga version of the Ginzuishou. I have acrylic. Can't seem to find it at all in glass to start. I spent a good 20 minutes looking for that one, the good news though is I did find a smaller size that I might be able to buy up and put on cell phone straps and sell at cons. So not a total loss, just wondering why it's so hard to find these things and of course I don't know if they have a special name for what kind of cut they are.

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