Saturday, May 30, 2009

2009: May 30th x3

Yes, I'm sure at some point you'll think it's too much. Anyways. Gaming, I love tabletop RPGs, not just any mind you, Serenity RPG and Buffy/Angelverse are my top ones. Tonight we've gone back to the latter which is cool, though I had decided my character, a half demon wasn't meshing with the rest of the group. Sadly I'm half regretting, but maybe it's for the best. I don't usually ever change characters for a game when I have them set. So it's kind of a first for me. This new character who I won't even get to play until weekend after next is going to be of the Deathwok clan (Same clan as Lorne) and he has some similar attitudes as Lorne, I'm very interested to see where I can take this character that my last character couldn't go. Though he's not going to be much of a fighter either. XD;;; My characters don't really get enough to go in between.

In other random news I tacky glued my Star Changi Set box, the bottom line of the box had completely come undone so someone suggested to do tacky first, I'm so pleased how well it worked and on top of that the box actually closes better now then when I got it. XD;;; I don't know quite how that happens. And I'm still waiting patiently for the money difference I need to get something, oh SM items why must you be the bain and love of my existence?

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