Saturday, May 30, 2009

2009: May 30th x2

Yes, I thought I would update again. Sometimes one is just in the mood to chat. I think I'll chat about the little two day show they are calling a con at my local college. It was weird to see how they set it up, but it wasn't really bad for what they said it would be. I was surprised to see as many people in cosplay, especially the SM cosplay. I should have gone as Seiya, but then again are those SM fans hardcore enough to have seen Stars? I was impressed with the Usagi, her wig besides being the eye-searing yellow was nicely styled.

My two friends and I went wandering around, House of Anime was there, it was almost awkward because I didn't think they did small cons anymore. Palace didn't even show up, which actually doesn't surprise me. I wanted to see hi to Wade though. There were almost no shitajiki which surprised me, but since most of the dealers had DVDs and figures I guess I really shouldn't have been. At least I was pleased I only saw one SM knockoff wallscroll. All the other SM stuff was either Japanese or N.A. I picked up a vol1 Stars by Tokyopop, they wanted $5 so I was like yes yes, I wish they had had vol2 because then I would have been done with the Eng since I don't really care what Tokyopop did. And I got a semi flat Venus (I have a Moon and I think a Jupiter, not actually sure about that one now). I did see a Beauty Change Mars, her face was much prettier than I thought, I wasn't impressed with the fuku, the bow was made of felt @___@. He wanted $75 for it and I'm like not for Mars...maybe one of the others. It was nice to say I've see one in person though.

I picked up a couple other random things, 2 pin set from Gankutsuou, 1-3 of tactics for oober cheap and vol6 of Saint Seiya anime which has me caught up through 8, I was like OMFG you have the vol I'm missing! And DVDs under $10 is always a plus.

Saw the "maid cafe" which honestly was a cute idea, but horribly done. I did take a photo of Moon, Mercury and Mars cosplaying as maids, but they didn't even have meal food only snacks. Hardly a cafe. *shakes head* The doll meet up was small but still enjoyable, I felt bad for my one friend who isn't into bjds at all. I do my best to keep her away from them because I don't want her to be bothered by them anymore than she already is. It was nice to see the few other ones that showed up, I got to see a souldoll up close, she wasn't one of the ones I was interested in, but the chin problem isn't as bad as one might have thought previously.

All in all for being something new it wasn't bad, but far from amazing. Maybe it will start to gain some speed in a few years. Besides the dealer's there wasn't much to do, I don't go to cons anymore to watch anime or anything like that and I don't even think they had any panels though they might have.

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