Monday, July 20, 2009


Well it didn't start off the best. Morgan and crew didn't show up until about 2:30am and we didn't get on the road until 3am. Honestly that was what I had expected, then we picked up one other person here in town and then 2 others in another part of OH. It wouldn't have been so bad if one, there hadn't been a ton of stops but I think honestly it was going to be longer anyways because of having to pick up the other OH people, the trip just got longer from the directions we had to go in. After we got them, which they are sweeties btw we headed off, the one parts of the drive down I remember were when we had a bit of breakfast, I have to say Dunkin' Doughnuts's hash browns are delicious! and Breezewood's Gataway plaza we always stop at. I didn't really get anything to eat that time, though I made note for on the way back we'd be stopping there.

Thursday, we get into Baltimore about 2:10pm which was sad because I knew that was when the autographs for Hyde was going on. It took forever to do much of anything. And I ended up waiting around a lot that day. I met up with Tommy, Adam (Fory-san), and Linda. Also waiting in line about and hour and 1/2 for my badge. At least I had company. It was funish, though I was too busy being worried about AA stuff the next day. I got to bed about 10:30pm (I know, really early), Luna called me back and I didn't recognize the number, and then Yaki called and I was like oh sleeping. I feel so bad, but I was sooo exhausted.

Friday, was up early to get down there and get my stuff and set up, thank goodness I was there before it officially opened because of Morgan being a dealer so I could sneak down there I was like first in line and that line was on and on forever. I got set up, I'm really ticked that I didn't take a photo, I so wanted to. >___<. And well selling was very slow on Friday, but...I turn around and see 2 islands over facing me on the corner is Kittyhawk (creator of Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki and of course I had to go over and introduce myself, I haven't read the comic in awhile (changing that shortly) but I've basically been a fan since near the very beginning. So she wasn't there when I walked over, but her husband was so I chatted with him for like 20 minutes and as I'm walking away she shows up. I'm like HEY! Big fan! Ooo stuff! Then I'm like do you do trades? And she was like sure I'm up for it. I'm thinking to myself excellent. I had already picked out what I had wanted, probably good she didn't have a lot of stuff. We did our trade at the end of the night, I got a squish squish shirt, she only had L left in the smallest size and her whole comic on a USB drive which has her comic symbols on it, it's really neato~ I like that sort of better than a book idea, though I think if my stuff gets long enough I would probably try to do both. Cause I know some people like to hold books too. She got the Fuku switch poster, she LOVES LOVES LOVES it, she told me it was being hung on her wall of awesome art, I think I teared a little at that and the Yaoishirt. *dances* Then the bad news, AA closed at midnight, Adam walked me back to the Hilton, but problem they are checking keycards to get on the elevators, um...I don't have one so I call answer, I call Tony (after calling Luna, oops) and no answer there either. So I sit there with Adam for awhile who offers his room if I can't get back upstairs. I thank him but didn't want to give up on it yet and about 40 mins later after I call Morgan two more times Tony calls back and I inform him whats up, he calls Ben and comes down to get me. Then in the elevator he got a little friendly, not more than a touch on the backside but I sort of sidestepped him halfway through. I wish he wouldn't do that. I get back to the room, change for bed and pass out after 1am. Oh at some point Tommy got me Kikuko Inoue's autograph for my Materials Artbook. And I did get one trade that day, a journal and two buttons.

Saturday, up bright and early, feeling a little more rested. Thinking about my day and hoping sales are better. I made a change which I think sort of changed the course of Sat for me. I decided skipping Mary's first autograph and trying for the 2nd on Sunday and instead following Kittyhawk down to her panel at noon. She seemed very pleased I was going down with her, I told her I wanted to me who was there that works on Okashina Okashi, another comic I was reading back in the day. It turns out he was the writer, I didn't know that, but that is not less cool. Which he totally recognized who I was cosplaying and was like that's my favorite character! So I talked to him for a few moments and before I know it he's asking me to guest Judge, I'm like um, I don't know. I really wasn't sure I could do a justice as a judge and I think Kittyhawk said that my badge could be comped if I was on the panel I was like hmm, make 70$ in two hours, sure, I'm in. Best two hours of the weekend! I got to chat with her and Xuanwu's gf Gina and doodle. I did a drawing of Seiya and Usagi for Xuanwu and then Seiya for Kittyhawk. I also doodled something for the winner, bu we ended up running short on time so no one got that, Xuanwu probably kept it. XD;;; Then I was at my table until Tony Oliver's autograph, thankgoodness his was short so I was back pretty quick. I only had him sign a piece of paper because I was unable to get a copy of Sea Prince and the Fire Child on DVD. ;____;. I told him though I thought he was wonderful. I get back to my table, end up getting two commissions and I did a sketch of Yuuki with long hair to give to Kittyhawk because I felt the pen sketch of Seiya wasn't very good, she's like I love it. *tears in a good way* I ended up doing two more trades as well, I got a Doomkitty shirt from Jessi "geeksnextdoor" and some buttons and a keychain from another girl. The first got my matted Sailorstoasterstrudel print, I'm glad it's going to a good home, I pulled that out and she fell in love with it. Makes me giggle. But I would often got back and chat with Kittyhawk some more. She ended up selling out of the L as well. Since I had been able to get a keycard, after the AA closed I went upstairs, inked my 2nd commission and passed out. The others were watching an anime which I didn't get into at all.

Sunday, a cluster f@#& cause I got down there, but Mary's 2nd autograph was at noon, so I had to leave at 11, but there was already too many people there, so they said come back at 12:30 and get in line with a ticket. I went back downstairs, work on some things including doing a sketch of Nuriko to give to her which I liked much better than the one I was doing in line the first time. But she went over since she was signing everything, I mean that is amazingly sweet of her and thank goodness they didn't cut anyone out of the line. And so I got my pencil board signed and then rushed back downstairs, just missing Xuanwu, though thank you for buying from me anyways. And only got to be down there a few more minutes before the room closed. I wish they didn't make sunday such a rush. Around 3-3:30 they were like get the eff out. So I had Morgan help get me in on the dealer's side. I dropped my stuff off at their table and chatted with Art-Toon's for awhile, I bought a couple of items from them xmas presents for Luna since I don't think I'll have the opportunity or money later. Then I ended up at another booth and bought something for myself, the Valkyrie Lenneth figure that came out in 2006. She was very pretty and the last one that they had. A little more than I wanted to pay for her, but not shipping fees like on Amazon, that is, if she's even up anymore. After we had the vans tetris packed and got out of the building we had to pick up some stuff and people and then we were on our way. Breezewood I got a rather surprisingly delicious DQ basket of chicken fingers, friends and 2 slices of toast. Yum. Chatted a lot with Dawn on the way home, she was in the other car on the way down. We have a lot in common I hope she can come down sometime. And we got in here about 5am. XD;;;

The Warden and Jailbot!

GGXX, his name I've forgotten but that is a pretty awesome cosplay!

I told you they were adorable, SCOOT'S MA!

Red Scoot, Blue Engineer, Red Spy!

SailorV! She was such a sweetheart.

Disgaea 2 characters.

LUCIFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlie and the other two Unicorns. MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

OMFG Travis Touchdown! He even had the shirt made up, that is EFFIN amazing! He looks well, perfect though I think he was a touch short.

Beryl and Galaxia.

Beryl against ESM.

Evil vs Good.


Amazing Fighter!

Fighter and ESM.

Me and ESM, she asked for the photo which made me happy. Wish I would quit tilting my head like that though.

Awesome Saturn and nice Pluto.

Attempt to do LD cover, I think it failed.

Fighter, Pluto, Original Moon design.

This little girl dressed as Kagome asked me to woo her, I was like, oh okay.

Most or all of the Friday SM group shoot.

Okay one of me.



Red Sniper with a piss jar, I am amused! I thought he was one of the best Snipers there, he really looked the part.

Nice Blue Spy.

Inside the panel. I should have gotten more.

Me, Kittyhawk, Gina.


Commission 1, a chibi of portrait, he loved it.

Don't hate me! It's sammywhatammy. She is adorable and I felt really bad I didn't know it was her at the friday shoot.

My friend from AZ as fem Spock and a friend of their's as fem Kirk, they were adorable and nicely done costumes.

WOWWY WOW WOW. The last dress from PK! She hand sewed those beads too, or that's what she told me.

Commission 2, Sailorraver, she's adorable! I'm glad she liked it.

This was done over the weekend, he only started with some white lines on black paper with sketch lines. Impressed I am.

View from above.

Nuriko sketch for Mary, pretty good for well just taking about 10-20 minutes to do it.

Wonderful cosplay of the Major. I got to enjoy the line with her.

Mary making faces as she signs something, she's actually very pretty. XD;;; PS, her voice is well...lovely. But anyone that has hear her work knows that.

Me and her, I look so bad. XD;;; She loved the sketch, she said it was lovely.

Major getting her new Tachikoma signed.

Me and Kittyhawk. You can tell I was really having a good time. That was after the AA closed on Sunday.

Adorable car next to Morgan's booth. Want to buy something from them.

Most scary and amusing thing I've seen in awhile.

Saw on the way home.


Moon with the sun coming up after I got home, sorry it's the best I had and slightly blurry, still looks awesome thought.

And there you have it, the full weekend.

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