Sunday, September 13, 2009

2009: Sept 13th

This will be sort of short since I have a lot to do today. But I do have a lot to talk about and hopefully will be able to post up some convention stuff later this week. The big thing I need to worry about is space on my photobucket, so I might have to move some things around or be posting up a lot more somewhere else like my dA. I changed my photo on here as well as on dA. I start my seasonal job this thrus, though I also got paid for training which is not bad. I definitely need all the hours I can get.

Also still working on art and selling things. I need to make another notepad and get all of that stuff out plus I sold a bunch of my SM cards, very pleased about that. Oh also I updated some of the pages which a few were awhile coming. I hope to finish the rest of the pages sometime next week since this week is already extremely busy.

Hopefully I'll get into updating this some more and maybe get some interest in things. Have a nice day, it certainly is here.

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