Friday, May 3, 2013

2013 May 3rd

Wow, now I really fell in. I knew I had a place that wasn't tumblr that I had been using. I shout out to Kelly W (Since I don't know how to actually link people on here. Sorry. Well I had gotten the job drawing caricatures at the local zoo. It was summer only the first year, and then summer and Christmas season in 11 and 12. I found out a couple of months ago though that the zoo did not renew with the company I work for, so that means my job went poof. I refuse to work for the zoo without a filter for artists, it actually doesn't make sense to make it an hourly job, because we can't guarantee people will be in those chair every hour on the hour. So, I am back down to one seasonal job, Halloweekends. This year will be my 5th year in a row I've worked there. Looking forward to it as usual, though I don't want to skip summer, even if it's uncomfortable, I have a few conventions coming up and a lot of time for me to work on things. Jan I got a year older. But I also got on a schedule for art. Once that happened I found that I could really get things done, hammering out often 2-3 pieces a day. I had one of the best birthdays I've had in years. It was very nice. But this is also about the time that my best friend had to deal with some family troubles, I haven't gotten to speak to them much since then. I miss them a lot. Feb I hit up Bashcon for a day, it was nice to see a bunch of friends and vendors (who are also friends or acquaintances). I had to draw off some whole sale buttons I made for my friend to sell. I hope that he'll be contacting me again soon for more. Though, actually hoping in June. Also saw an Ex of mine, I said hello, not much else. I still...have issues with him. I think I probably always will, due to the circumstances. Mar I was crunching down harder to get my comic King of the Web done and also getting ready for my first selling convention of the year. April I attended Shutocon, it was a blast, it was so nice to be around friends most of the time, though it made it harder to leave, at least for me. Sales were also up from last year. Yay~ Though I think I had pushed myself to the limit as right after the con I broke down sick for two weeks. I even tried to continue to work through it, that brought on a fever one of the days. I should have rested a lot more. But is my passion most of the time. Now I'm waiting for the comic to be printed. I'll have two for Animazement to sell. Hopefully, I'll have something closer to 10 or so for Colossalcon. We'll just have to wait and see. It's really nice to actually feel like things are coming together. I hope I can prove it to everyone that I can make it...but more importantly myself.

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