Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2009: June 17th

I had a lot of fun this evening. Tried something new with Methos. We went out to Sylvania to this little pub/restaurant and checked out a "dixieland" band and had a drink. Excellent service, nice, friendly people and great music. I can't wait to go back again and actually get something to eat. XD;;; I want to try their chili cheese fries.

I also stated a tiny beaded purse/pouch and I would say I'm over half way done, but I spend a good 2-3 hours on it last night and probably about 5 or more today. It depends on how deep I want to make it though besides the bottom it's looking pretty good.

I also got the last of my ebay items today, the Sailorstar Song cd Single, *drools* It's like MINT. I about died when I saw it. I almost don't want to take it out of the little plastic baggy.

Also yesterday finally got all of the numbers on the same plan, but probably won't get to enjoy that until the month after next. @___@.;;; I think mah isn't pleased because we forgot/didn't know about the 35 activation fee. *sighs* But at least her phone is better now and he doesn't have to worry as much about minutes.

Sorry this post is sort of blah. Fam is in town and they have sucked the rest of the life out of me.

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