Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2009: June 2nd

DUN DUN DUN, like the big nerd I am I've been watching E3 on G4 network since a little before noon. Nintendo's announcements were very good as was some of the end stuff for Sony, it's too bad I have neither a PSP or a PS3 (I would seriously consider getting the latter for Little Big Planet and the new one by them that is racing). I definitely consider myself a casual gamer mainly because I don't have the time to become anything more. I still find games fun and I'm willing to try new ones though the longer the game goes on the harder it is for me to finish it. I'm borrowing "No More Heroes" from my friend and even thought it's a short game I haven't felt I've had the time to even start it. Doesn't help I've been doing cons every weekend for going on three weeks. That really puts a hold in things.

A few games I own 2 of the Guilty Gear games, Guitar Hero 3, Rayman Raving Rabids, Mario Kart Wii, Valkyrie Profile, Tales of Destiny, Star Ocean 2, Super Robot Taisen Original Generation, Sailormoon R for Gameboy, Tetris and some others. I should get back to some of them. But maybe later this summer.

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