Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2009: June 3rd

Today I'll share some more goodies I've gotten. Because even the mail was excited to get her. I had to sign for the one, I think it might have been the one for HK. But the mail got her at like 11:30am today which is really early for us, we haven't gotten mail that early in ages. It was nice because I had only gotten up a little bit before then.

First up:

2 boxes of SM valentines. I'm going to open one of the boxes for next year and the other keep sealed. Does anyone know if the N.A Sailormoon fanclub is still going on? There's a 1-800# on the back.

Two SM singles, Moonlight Densetsu and Heart Moving from Original season. The other has Otome no Policy and Suki to I?tte I know I've heard it before but it's been awhile sice I've looked at the name, they are from SMR, if I recall they are both the endings. I am rather surprised that they don't have the words printed on the inside like my SuperS and Stars singles.

And my first Japanese doll, Fighter was close, but I got her a couple of days before. I'm actually really pleased with her, the box as you can see is a little sad, but at least it's on the top half. Her face is adorable and the only thing "loose" is her wand, as you can see I got lucky moving it around for the photos. Sorry about her close up, I forgot to put my camera on magnifying glass. XD;;;

I think I've officially run out of room upstairs for my SM shrine. So now I need to get creative. My big problem is I really want to keep as much of it in one spot as possible. @___@. Ideas would be helpful.

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