Friday, June 5, 2009

2009: June 5th

Colossalcon DAY 1

Well I woke up about 7:55am, way too early, btw. I managed to pack up the car and all that without been too far behind schedule (though if I had known my SM button designs in my black tin were still in the house I would have taken some more time to get them before leaving) and then had to stop at Target so I had some snacks though so far I've been rather well fed between half a sandwich, and a couple of snacks and water.

I also finally checked out the dealer's room, Jesse is there, he was wondering if I died cause I haven't seen him since like Otakon last year. I'm sad about that, but we just weren't able to cross paths, I forgot that he was at Az and he sadly didn't do very well because the same thing happen to the dealer's room that happens to Artist Alley. *shakes head* He had some cool stuff, but unless I'm making a lot over what I thought it will have to wait. I try to buy from my dealer friends.

Then I got to Art-Toons, yay for them being able to make it back this year. They have my Yohji cel still and som cute SM stuff. So depending on what we can work out I want to get a couple of things from them. I also want to say Weiss fans out there that I know, Omi, lots of Omi, one douga of Aya looking down and a couple misc ones. But then they have some nice SM cels, mostly characters I'm not interested in, but they have a couple of douga of Moon and Neptune that look super nice so I might look into those. We'll see.

I'm doing better than I first would have thought for today, but what I'm hearing is that it's slow and also that people stopped buying after awhile. I haven't gotten that yet and hopefully tomorrow will be just as successful as today. *hugs*

I just got information on a "new" con in detroit...The few guests they have on the laminated card are very similar to another con I've been to. *shakes head* No naming names for me.

Today has been me saying hello to all of my usual con faces, Mike the Jew, Dealers, my sis's friend and many people whose names escape me. I'm so bad with those. I have no idea how tonight is going to go. I think I'll decide if I'm staying open late at about 10pm.


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