Saturday, June 6, 2009

2009: June 6th

Colossalcon DAY 2

Yay, I got sleep, not the best sleep, I kept getting too warm, but it was in a bed with a pillow and it had to be 4+ hours of sleep. I got a very late dinner with George at BWW, I got a wrap, it was rather delicious. XD;;; The best part about that was ha ha around last call (yes we were there that late) they started playing KNOTB...SERIOUSLY! My inner fan couldn't help but get into it. *laughs* I also got an Amaretto Sour YUM!

Over all if I made anything close to what I made yesterday I'll be in good shape. I don't know if it's too early right now or what, but there are one is buying. Maybe they are waiting for the dealer's room. It's quite possible. XD;;; I don't want to get my hopes up, but it would definitely be a nice surprise.

Oh! And another piece related to last post, I did find the metal tin...I packed it so well even it took me awhile to find. *laughs* I feel so dumb but at the same time relieved. I need to make a new Saturn button, but after that I'm good for anything. Until later.

[EDIT 1]: 11:09am there is a Genma as the Panda (pretty positive) in front of my table, he keeps slapping girls behinds. Also no sales yet. Poo, but at least I have my music and I'm working on Main episode 2 of my SMfic of Doom since episode 209 I didn't send to this computer.

[EDIT 2]: 1:21pm a lady who definitely was old enough to have kids totally stopped at my table seeing my will draw your Original characer and was like, who much do you charge to draw their OCs...OCs! She didn't say it fully, me thinks this lady knows her stuff. HAZZAH! On top of that I sold two matted prints of Tenshi, more rejoicing. One was one I thought would have gone sooner, but I'm glad it found a good home. Besides that it's been pretty slow though I've talked to some people that know who I am and those that were curious about art table advice. I love giving advice when people are really interested in learning.

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