Sunday, June 7, 2009

2009: June 7th

Colossalcon DAY 3:

I officially figured out how to take credit cards through paypal. This is going to be very helpful to me. As long as I can get power and Net for PP I can take CC at a con. How cool is that. I need to make a little sign I can stick on my comp or the table. I think I'm going to take a photo of this table as well so people can see the layout I have right now. I like the grid work, at least until I start selling more shirt designs, then I think I'm going to do the design I saw at Az where they actually arched it over their table. *nods nods*

I would have continued to edit yesterdays, but as the day went on I got more and more busy. Um...wha? That never happens, it usually does the opposite. I also got an OC commission, that lady I talked about yesterday brought her daughter over who was just a gem! She wanted her Naruto OC done and since it's not cannon I was like why yes of course I'd love to! She did her best to describe her to me and I got to work on the sketch. She got back she loved it, but then came back a couple minutes later remembering that her bangs covered over one eye, after that she was like yes. She was so timid but I'm glad I channeled her to do this. That is going to need to be the first thing I finish when I get home because I have a feeling if I don't her mah would be on my behind which is fine, I just really don't want to tick off a potential future customer that doesn't know that sometimes I get slow.

Oh so I was talking to two girls and a guy last night and then stared at the guy he was from FF, but I was like wait...were you at Ycon and he was like yes, I was like OMFG I'm still working on your commission! But I didn't give him the original lineart because I had it on me and I haven't seen him again since, I'm praying he stops by, it will be just one less thing on my person. I also did a mini shoot with a Uranus and Chibimoon was which oober fun, I got beat up. Photos to come possibly as soon as this evening. I love being closer to home. I can be home in about an hour and a half. Yay!

Made a few sales today, we'll see if I get a couple more before the day is through, I did want to go back in the dealer's room and say good buy to everyone. I don't know if anyone is going to stop by that I can ask to watch the table for a few while I wander around to say goodbye to. And I think that's all the fun stuff. Until later.

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