Sunday, June 7, 2009


The weekend photos

Star Ocean's Aston, not a character that is seen very often anymore.

Aurora! Then she came back a little later as...

My Princess~ *bows to* Sadly she forgot to cosplay on Sat.

TF2 Medic is healing. TennaD this one is for you~

Genma? He was slapping girl's behind.

Sis's friend and her group.

Because I couldn't find any SM people to cosplay with. ;____;.

I actually really like this one, especially the hair and I really am in need of a new wig.

"copying" Vol3 of the Stars LD cover, sadly it didn't really work for the like 5-6 times I tried.

Then Eternal Mercury stopped by and I said that she needed to at least get Uranus back down for a mini photo shoot. She was cute.

Not only did I get Eternal Uranus but Eternal Chibimoon too! They were both really sweet and we had a blast...if you can't tell by this shoot.

You're the daughter of Usagi, I will hit on you too~

What you doin', Seiya?

Let's arm wrestle to the death!

Vana White-ing Muerte banner...but wait

Love those nipslsh~

Get down-

-let's boogy~

I'm going to pose for you~

We're off to see the wizard...or a kick line.


Who won? That the world may never know. Regardless it was way too much fun for its own good.

Almost a full moon.

I FOUND THE WINNEBAGO!!!! How awesome is that? *laughs*

Well that's what I've got, enjoy~

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  1. Oh wow Star Ocean 2! I love that game haha. That's so awesome someone cosplayed as him! I've always wanted to cosplay Rena. I still may for the heck of it. =)