Monday, June 8, 2009

2009: June 8th

Alright, today for you all I have the goodies that I got at the con and in the mail today. Also a couple of random photos in there.

About sunset last night, my sis called from the road saying for us to check it out, but that was the best we had with all of the trees. XD;;;

Last night's full moon, it looked amazing, I had to change the levels some so you can see the tree outline.

A stamper set I got from Jesse. These things are adorable!

The stamps.

Nyannyannyanko, Mikanbauya, Rirakkuma, Pandy Happy, Kogepan, Mamegoma

Another WK doujin, I couldn't open it to look at it, I like the style but it's very fluffy, and Yohji disappeared all together from the last story.

Another SM cel, Usagi, Ami, Rei and Makoto. It's really cute.

Close up.

Matching douga.

Moon and Neptune douga.

Close up M&N, don't know what to call this one, another douga of Moon's face I thought these were really pretty and I got them got a good price.

Asuka Pinky Street. I've already taken out and displayed her at the con.

Close up of her face and outfit she has in the box.

Rose crystal puzzle, a gift from Okura.

All the pieces out.

And it finished, took me a little under an hour. XD;;; I'm going to take it with me for cosplay sometime.

Toothbrushes, the only one I don't have is Mars. If I get her good, if not oh well.

Moon, Jupiter, Mask, Mercury, Venus.

Sailorjupiter N.A Pretty Face doll and she really is cute. I also like her outfit better in some ways.

Close of her face.

Her wand which actually looks pretty good, a little big.

The thing I don't like, they didn't bother fixing any of her seams, very clearly visible on her arms and legs.

Bro and his kitty, cute and amusing.

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